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In life, we acknowledge every monumental occasion including birthdays, christening, graduations and weddings. A funeral services is no different, with the practice of holding a ceremony to commemorate a death occurring in every civilisation throughout history. A funeral is a time where family and friends come together to acknowledge and thanks to the life of a loved one, whilst also providing support and care for those left behind and having all of this occurring with the deceased present in a coffin.

The job of a funeral consultant is to assist in the planning of a funeral. They work alongside families to organise a special celebration for their loved one. During this time they also provide support to grieving families in their time of need. Whilst they are not grief counsellors, they do provide experienced advice and can help you find a grief counsellor if need be.

If a funeral is advertised, then anyone is welcome to attend. However, if the funeral is not advertised and the family has not personally invited you, then you should not attend. This usually indicates that the funeral is private and you must respect the wishes of the family.

It is important to give children the option to attend a funeral. It is also a tough decision to make as a parent, however allowing the child to make up their own mind is sometimes a good idea. There are instances where babies and toddlers can be disruptive, however, they can provide welcome relief for members of the family.

Black has always been the traditional colour to wear to funerals, however, these days there is more flexibility in what people can wear. It is now appropriate for people to be dressed in colourful clothing, with some people requesting guests to be dressed in certain colours.

There is no legal requirement to have a funeral service, but it is a legal requirement to be buried or cremated. Some families choose to have a memorial service or remembrance gathering with no coffin present, some families choose to have no gathering at all. You need to communicate with your family of your wishes.

To ensure your wishes are fulfilled, you can get in touch with us prior to death to make arrangements. During a meeting with our funeral consultant you and your family can arrange most details regarding the type of service you would like to have.

Our funeral consultants are more than happy to discuss a pre-arranged funeral with you at any time. The process takes around two hours and can be held in either the privacy of your own home, or otherwise at our premises.

There are a variety of different methods that are available for a deceased person. They can choose between burial, cremation, entombed or donation to a University for scientific research.

Generally, at some point of time in their life most people specify whether they would like to be buried or cremated. In many cases, most people choose the method that their family members have undertaken. Ultimately, the choice is a personal one that must be decided upon by the individual. These days, cremation seems to be the preferred choice for most people, however, burial is still favoured by some.

Deciding what to do with a loved one’s cremated remains can be easy if they have already outlined their wishes. However, in the case when they have not made a request, much consideration is required. It’s important to know there is no need to rush into a decision, as it can be made at any time after a funeral, even years later. There are a variety of options to contemplate including keeping ashes at a cemetery site, or scattering them at a cherished location of the loved one.

Embalming is a technique used to preserve human remains. It is considered an art and a science, and is used in most modern cultures to prevent the decomposition process. Embalming is not a process required by law, but is a decision dependent on the length of time from death to the funeral service. Many considerations are taken into consideration when deciding whether embalming is necessary including whether the funeral service requires a displaying, if the deceased needs to be repatriated interstate or overseas, and the condition of the deceased.

In order for the University to accept a deceased person for study, the body must meet certain standards. At the time of donation, the University will discuss the criteria with the loved ones.

Choosing a funeral is a big decision to make. Often when a family has had experience with a funeral home, they will continue to use their service. However, if you don’t have experience with a funeral home, there are some important factors to consider. The funeral home’s location, cost and reputation are all points to research. Conversely, it could be word of mouth from someone who has attended a service that they would recommend. The best tip is to visit the funeral home and talk directly with the staff.

The Death Certificate is applied for at the time of the Funeral Service. The process takes around 2 weeks for the Death Certificate to be issued and sent. The Certificate is sent to the person nominated at the Funeral Arrangement.

The Crematorium will send you a letter (Cremation Certificate) notifying you that your loved one has been cremated. If you have chosen to collect the ashes from Kleemann Funerals, a couple of days after receiving the cremation certificate, the cremated remains of the deceased will arrive at 1 Morphett Street, Mount Barker. Before you pick up the ashes please call (08) 8389 6093 for Lobethal or (08) 8398 2244 for Mt Barker to confirm a convenient time to collect the Ashes and bring along the Cremation Certificate.

The Cremation Certificated is required to pick up the Ashes.

The Funeral account will be finalized after the Funeral Service, this takes around 2 weeks to process and will be sent to the nominated person organising the funeral.
The Funeral account is due within 60 days from the date of the invoice.

Our Service Fee Includes:

1. The transfer of the deceased from the place of death to our funeral home. This includes our staff and the transfer vehicle. If the distance is more than 35kms from our funeral home to the place of death, extra fees will apply. There are no extra fees if transfer call outs occur after hours, on weekends or public holidays.

2. The funeral arrangement interview with our funeral consultant in the comfort of your own home or at our Funeral Home Meeting Room. If the distance is more than 35kms from our funeral home to the interview location, extra fees will apply. There are no extra fees if the interview occurs after hours, on weekends or on public holidays.

3. The preparation on processing of items to be arranged from the funeral arrangement interview, which includes all follow up phone calls, faxing, emailing and liaising to all chosen and necessary persons and organizations. This includes, cemeteries, crematoriums, churches, chapels, florist, caterers, newspapers, printers, musicians, ministers, celebrants and technology. (We understand that some family members like to make their own phone calls and emails etc; on certain items to complete the funeral arrangements).

4. The standard mortuary practice conducted by fully trained mortuary technicians, including the dressing and coffining of the deceased, also including the preparation of non-coffin burial of the deceased, if requested.

5. The preparation and processing of all cremation or burial documentation by law and regulation, adhering to a variance of government acts.

6. The funeral director and assistant/s conducting the funeral service, including the Hearse, if required. If the distance is more than 35kms from our funeral home to the place of funeral service and/or to the place of burial or cremation, extra fees will apply. There are extra fees for funeral services scheduled afterhours, on weekends or public holidays.

7. The preparation and processing of the Death Registration by law with the Births, Deaths & Marriages Government Department.

8. The graveside cemetery set up for burial, including canopy, artificial turf, coffin lowering device and chairs. Uncovered Items or Options Below

9. Kleemann Funeral Chapel facility hire is $132.00, with chapels located at Mount Barker and Lobethal, if required.

10. Kleemann Funeral Chapel technology equipment hire is $132.00, if required.

11. Kleemann Funeral Chapel Lounge / Kitchen facility hire for catering is $132.00, if required + Basic Catering starting at $2.75 per person.

12. The funeral celebrant officiating from Kleemann Funerals is $132.00 or if a minister of religion or other person is chosen, refer to above item number 3. Any further items outside of our above service fee list will need to be arranged by the family members or legal representatives to hold our service fee as quoted.

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