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The difference between a pre-arranged funeral and a pre-paid funeral

For those who would like their funeral wishes to be recorded, both pre-arranged and pre-paid funerals are options. The difference is a pre-paid funeral, as its name suggests, is paid in advance. By paying in advance for your funeral, you have peace of mind knowing that your family won’t be put under any financial strain when you pass away. However, for many a pre-paid funeral can be a financial strain in the present, which is why the next best thing is a pre-arranged funeral.

The benefits of a pre-paid funeral

While funerals are a topic most of us like to avoid, planning a pre-paid funeral takes the burden away from your family at a very difficult time. It’s unfortunate but the death of a loved one not only puts an emotional strain on a family, but also financially too. By investing in a pre-paid funeral you will ease the financial burden on your family, whilst allowing them to still take part in the planning process of your funeral. It will also provide you with the important peace of mind that your family won’t have to worry about paying for your funeral, and also that your last wishes are carried out. Plus, you are protected against inflation as you pay today’s prices.

Is the money safe and secure?

As members of the Australian Best Funeral Directors Adelaide Association, Kleeman’s Family Funerals complies with the Code of Good Practice (Ethics). In doing so, we conduct ourselves according to the obligations and responsibilities established by religious and professional leaders across the globe.

You can be assured that when you deal with our company, your money is in safe and secure hands. When you purchase a pre-paid funeral Adelaide with Kleeman Family Funerals, it is protected under the ‘Prepaid Funeral Code of Practice’ within the Fair Trading Act. We adhere to strict guidelines and ensure your investment is taken care of by an approved investment manager.

What will it cost?

The price of your pre-paid funeral is dependent on the type of funeral service you would like. Our consultants are with you every step of the way to ensure you make the right decision for you. They provide you with information and prices, as well as giving you a written quote to consider.

Can I pay by installment?

The choice of paying by installment is available for all clients. We firstly require a deposit and then you can choose to pay either fortnightly or monthly. Payment must be completed within three years of purchase.